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RR Ministries

Our focus is to continuously share lessons and information learned from God in order to point both ministry friends and visitors toward Jesus our Savior. We hope these teachings will help you grow in knowledge and trust in our Lord.


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Watch Our Videos

From full-length webinar-type lessons to short teachings. This is where you’ll truly receive many insights for your own walk with Jesus.

Our videos also include notes, in case you’d like to read along or teach the lesson to your own group, as well as a download for the song from the video. 


Learn More About Our Services

Our biggest focus is encouraging and strengthening others in their faith through our ministry. 

We provide a range of services from active prayer over the needs in your life to meeting with you in person in order to provide teaching and edification. 


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The most important thing we can ever do in life is to share Jesus with the world. That starts with the people we are closest to. If you find our ministry to be edifying to you, don’t keep it under a bushel! Share with your friends and family and help us spread the word.