Our Ministry

A Service to God’s Kingdom


The birth of this ministry came in January 2020. God began to speak to Randy about what he would do after retirement. Randy then started putting together the videos and lessons to share with others in the hope of providing strength, encouragement, and trust in Jesus.

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Randy Reinitz

lol,  life of learning

With a love of telling stories about my life of living with a knowing that God has a plan and is bringing it out in me, you will see a life of extended times in great grace and times of great challenges.

With no official degrees from education in schools, God has enriched my life with many certificates of accomplishment and a lot of degrees from the school of hard knocks.

The Crew

A Team You Can Rely On


My Crew, the team to count on is me, Randy Reinitz (as long as the head of the ministry gives me great health and keeps me going), God my father and Jesus my Lord and Savior, and my daughter, Katelyn Silva, a published author and technical wiz.

The audios, videos, etc. are recordings and notes from my downloads from God himself.